Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bright Contrast

There is something about bright pink mixed with a darker colour that I just love.  Of course that's probably why I'm gunning for bright pink and a deep purple to be Scott's & my wedding colours.  He's slowly warming up to it, but that's a whole other story.

I had every intention of soliciting Sheila's advice for big earrings today, except that we had a huge storm here last night, which caused not only a 7 hour power outage, but also a leak in our ceiling (add that to the one in our bathroom which the landlord had yet to fix, and you may begin to understand my attitude this morning).  Needless to say, I quickly got dressed and forgot the earrings.

I've tried getting outfits planned on Sundays, but inevitably that fails because the weather here is unpredictable and tends to vary by extremes.  I've tried getting outfits planned the night before, but inevitably, I get caught up in a TV show, or a project and forget until I'm in bed.  So I've been doing what Scott informs me most people do: deciding when I get up. 

Any suggestions?

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  1. I find that if I plan a variety of outfits on Sundays, that helps. Do a couple for cooler weather, a couple for warmer, include layers that can be removed (you'll see in today's outfit when I post it tonight, that the jacket could be removed).

    I think you would look good with a classic hoop - about 2". Avoid long skinny earrings as they'll make your neck look even longer (although you have an amazingly long neck...I am so envious!).


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