Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Capsule Wardrobe Day #3 - Now it gets interesting

No new pieces today... or for the rest of the week.  That's slightly nerve-wracking, since the weather has changed, and I somehow have to make a cooler weather outfit appropriate for a rehearsal barbecue than what I'd planned. 

I'm wearing the top from yesterday (and since Jane said I could count camisoles as underwear, I decided to spring for a clean one today), and the dress from Monday.  This is my second favourite way to wear the dress (my favourite I don't think I'm going to wear this week, since this week is about stretching your wardrobe in ways you usually wouldn't), which is, of course, to wear it as a skirt.  I've worn it once before, with the straps tied in a bow, but I wanted them just hanging loose today to go for a more streamlined look. 

I was a little worried about these shoes the first time I wore them.  I'd packed them for Scott's & my road trip for viewing wedding venues, and by the end of the weekend I was so tempted to go barefoot since my heels had blistered so badly.  However, I must build some fabulous callouses, because my ankles feel smooth, and there is barely a hot spot on my heel after doing some serious power shopping at lunch.


  1. Oh, you're so clever! I love the dress as a skirt! Good to know about the cami thing...hmmm. :)

  2. Great - I have that dress in black and red and I really should wear it more.


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