Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm slowly getting better at this

I'm now remembering to take pictures... just not loading them onto my computer, writing content, and posting.  But at least now I have some content to fall back on. 

This is actually from the wedding that we were at this weekend.  Through twists and turns of fate (and brothers who just don't seem to care), I ended up as an usher.  In one of the most ultra-conservative Catholic churches I've encountered.  In a strapless dress.  With a very short skirt.  I was very glad to have made a shrug to go over my shoulders, and I did swap out the 4" heels with some silver ballet flats I purchased that morning.  Phew!  I knew being engaged to a groomsman would add responsibility on my shoulders, but I was hoping to be more behind the scenes. 

Oh well, the wedding went quite well, and besides having a few bruises on my toes and a rather large scratch on the inside of my nose (the groomsmen's clip on ties clipped just at the level of my nose when I hug Scott), everyone survived relatively unscathed. 

Scott, of course, was in full top hat and tails, which was fun to see (but something we're definitely skipping for our wedding), so I felt very modern next to his historic get up.

ps - Thanks to Jessica for posting the top pic on Facebook - it's the nicest picture of Scott and I from the night... we're not that photogenic unless we're being goofy... as evidenced by the second picture... for which I must thank Jill)

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  1. I disagree - I think you are both very photo genic. What was the tip?
    The dress looks great on you and what a difference the shurg makes - it is like two different outfits. Well done on the Best Man/Woman gig.


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