Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little more subdued

My office is quite conservative... maybe not so much in terms of the choice of articles, but rather the colour palate.  Quite often I think many of the boys must wake up and thinking: "And what tone of white shall I wear with my charcoal trousers today".  Needless to say, after being eyed cautiously for yesterday's outfit, I thought it best to tone it back for today, even though I had been looking forward to trying pink and green together.  I'll save that outfit for another day...

The capris remained the only part from the outfit.  These capris alone had the potential to cause a bit of a stir.  For weeks, I had heard the story about some girl who was spotted wearing: "Red sneakers with WHITE CAPRIS".  While I'm not quite sure what caused this to be so shocking (this is, afterall, the province in which watermelons are worn as hats to sporting events), it did make me want to show up the next day in both my white capris and my red sneakers.  It may have been the middle of winter, so I refrained.

However, nary a comment was made.  I will admit I'm a touch disappointed.  Perhaps Friday, since it will be slow day around the office, I'll put on one of my three pairs of skinny jeans (which is the second most mocked article of clothing, after crocs in our coffee group) and see if it raises any stir.

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  1. This is a really cute outfit, Cara. I'm in love with pink and brown together!


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