Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference Wear

Last weekend, my university hosted Literary Eclectic V, an English undergraduate/graduate conference.  Not only was I presenting in a panel about Victorian representations of masculinity and sexuality, but I was working the registration table and promoting the conference we will be holding this fall.  In other words, I was front and centre on a lot of occasions. 

Since my panel was not until Saturday, I felt I could go a bit more casual on Friday.  The temperature was starting to warm up, but since I had hive covering my legs from my latest allergy attack, I had to resort to tights.  Paired with a nice cotton dress, and a belt, I felt pretty comfortable, but knew the evening would be cold.  While I did originally have on a denim jacket, I nixed it for two reasons: first of all, it was too casual, and second of all, the buttons make all kinds of noise that would undoubtedly interrupt the people seated around me during the papers.  I decided my choice of jacket would be tongue in cheek: while red tights and a flowered dress don't scream: "academic", there is nothing more cliché than a corduroy blazer!  If only it had elbow patches!

Saturday was the longest day of the conference, but it was also the day I was presenting.  I went full on professional... Cara style, of course.  Bare legs in fall is always iffy, but I decided I was hive-free enough to pull it off.  I love a tweed pencil skirt for some business, and the ruffled collar, with the silver pinstripe in the shirt add more interested than a plain button down dress shirt.  I felt confident and academic all in one... until I had to climb in and out of the back seat of a truck following a few glasses of wine.... eeek!

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  1. I think that first outfit may be my favorite thing that you have ever worn on the blog, to be honest. I just love it!


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