Saturday, August 28, 2010

ESA Meeting

School obligations are starting for the year, which should technically come as no surprise, but still comes as a shock to the system.  Today we had a meeting of the department student executive.  It's probably one of the few warm days out, but I knew we'd be in side.  Solution?  Super short dress paired with super long cardigan! (Dress last worn here)

Definitely felt comfortable in this... once I discovered it didn't get as short as I thought it did when I bent over.  Sure, I'm getting older, sure, I'm about to be a married woman... but neither of those things have happened yet, so it's best to enjoy while I still can!

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  1. Super cute dress! I don't believe that we should stop wearing what we love due to artificial constraints like being married or getting older. Wear what you love, period! If YOU feel a little awkward in this, you could always layer a skirt under it (a blue skirt would look cute).


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