Monday, August 30, 2010

I can't say I was trying all that hard this morning to get outside the box with this outfit: there isn't much to it.  However, after weeks and weeks of rather wide legged trousers, I was quite happy to remember that these had slimmer fit.  I was also rather happy that the legs weren't like sausage casings like they used to be, too! The necklace length doesn't really fit correctly - I should have looped it one less time!


  1. I love the pop of green in the shirt underneath! The slim-fit pants look really great on you.

  2. Wow, your legs look a mile long in these pants! Love them!

    I like the short necklace (and love the dark orange? red? with the pop of green), but yeah, one longer one with it would have been good too.

  3. Hello...really nice blog...just found you:)


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