Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Travel Wardrobe Day #2 Evening

I felt that since I was in the Big City, I could switch up outfits for evening.  This is also the outfit I wore home (with the jacket added) on Saturday, but Saturday morning travel (leaving 3:30 AM Saskatchewan time) necessitated no picture!

I've always worn this sweater with a green-tinged tank, but I'm loving the blue coming through!

I love the fit of the sweater, especially considering how unbelievably comfortable it was.

We went to see Eat Pray Love that night - I thought it was all right, but I can't say I was bowled over.  The final message from Katut seemed excessively garbled, and it left some side plots un-concluded.

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  1. What a great color scheme on that top! I love missioni stripes.


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