Monday, August 9, 2010

Urban escape?

Scott and I love going to folk festivals... the combination of music, artisans and nature seem to appeal to us.  Given our current hatred of our current city, we figured the local Folk Fest could help us to pick up our attitude.

I did get a good chance to hear Emily Wells, a new favourite artist of mine (she fuses classical and hip-hop).  And being outside for most of Saturday was definitely worth it.  However, we won't miss this folk fest when we leave.  There's some issues with their set up:

1.  The afternoon is free, which is nice... except when it's the exact same concerts as the evening: why did we buy tickets? 
2.  Getting food meant leaving the "Mainstage" area, and having to go back through security to get to the concert again.
3.  Do we seriously need updates on the local football team in the middle of a concert?

While I'm not usually all that "granola" I definitely didn't get that laid back feeling categorized by folk-fests... perhaps that wasn't aided by the squished setting of the downtown park.  And one thing I love to watch is the folk fest fashion - while it's not something I typically wear, I do admire the natural, organic and flowing fabrics typified by those who attend folk fest. 

That certainly wasn't the case at this festival... I was about as "hippy" as it gets!  And yes, this is the same dress that I wore for lunch / drinks last week... so versatile!

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  1. Love. It. You look hot in this dress! It's perfect for a warm day outside.


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