Friday, September 24, 2010


I grew up in a province that has a legal drinking age of 18, but am currently living in a province that has a legal drinking age of 19.  The difference?  First year university students cannot participate in any activities held in the student bar, which is most of them.  So to still try to make the future English majors feel welcome, our first activity of the year was held in a common area without alcohol.  So what do English majors do when they can't drink?  Play Apples to Apples, the exciting game of matching adjectives and nouns!!! (I swear its more fun than it sounds).

It was a particularly rainy day when I got dressed, so I decided to have a little fun with tights and rainboots.  Of course, the rain stopped when I got out the door.  Oh well, I did get to splash in the puddles all the way home!!

PS - Since I got back from Toronto, I've been using a one week delay on my outfits.  While it was great when I was working, now that I'm at home, I definitely miss the daily musing.  Even though we're still on last week's outfits, I'm  switching back to the "live" updating next week.  I've only had one or two good outfits this week, so I'll throw them in here and there!


  1. OMG!! You are sooo cute in those little rubber boots!!! LOVE THEM!!!

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!
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  2. This is a great look - how much do I love those rubber boots? I want some!

  3. I love the blue and yellow rainboots with the green top, super fun combo!

    Apples to Apples - YES! We've played that a lot in our small group and it's HYSTERICAL. I love it, it's one of my favorite games now. I have to go out and by my own now!

  4. Love the wellies!
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