Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jill of All Trades

I'm becoming more and more certain that I'm a better person for sticking with this blog despite pressure from my colleagues.  Perhaps it's because I'm facing them again tonight, and this is like my pre-game pep talk, or perhaps it's because I'm embracing my, er, Renaissance woman? 

Case in point: I finally submitted my thesis proposal.  This means that it's now out of my hands, and it's up to the powers that be to decide whether I'm a) smart enough and b) well researched enough to take on the task I'm setting before me.  Since I knew this really just meant handing it to a secretary and not the committee themselves, I dressed spiffy enough to make myself feel smart enough to have done all that. 

Then, I came home and changed the turning signal bulb in Scott's car. How many of my friends can say they can do that? I think the strangest thing, however, is that I felt more confident changing the lightbulb (something I had never done, and something I knew my father-in-law would mock me for if I did it wrong). 


  1. Cara, I'm so sorry that you're taking flak from your colleagues because of your interest in fashion! Unfortunately I think it's something we'll both have to deal with on a fairly regular basis. Hang in there. It's great to be an intelligent woman eith many interests. Xx

  2. I am sorry about your colleagues. I have experience with that first hand so I feel for you. People think caring about your appearance = stupid. I don't understand why it has to be a negative trait to so many in academia. I can be smart and look great thank you very much!!

    Yes please stick with it! Don't let them win.

  3. I am so sorry for your colleagues as stick with it woman....I think your blog is great...and its great for your soul too...and good for you for the light bulb...I wouldnt have had a clue where to even begin.....Im sure you are going to do just GREAT!!!

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