Friday, September 3, 2010

Private Butterfly Cowboy

Scott was going straight from work to class one night, so I decided to stick around downtown after work and do some shopping, since I had money left over from my budget for my Toronto trip.  This shirt was one purchase.  It's been so weird lately knowing that any purchases I make are supposed to be more casual, since my "full-time job" will be writing my thesis from home, something that requires comfortable (yet still stylish, since self-esteem is key to writing!) clothing.  I love the idea of butterflies and army jackets, and butterflies and cow boy boots, so I decided all three could work together. I'm not sure whether they really work together.  I was comfortable for my last day of full-time work... and of course, my haircut!!


  1. Your hair is it!!

    This is a great look on you...really like the butterfly shirt too!!!

  2. I think you look adorable. The butterflies, the boots, the jacket - love it all!

  3. Love the top and your hair looks great. This is a really good casual look for you, Cara.


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