Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday Picnic

A friend from high school was diagnosed with Leukemia about 18 months ago.  12 months ago, their last course of treatment was to give him a bone marrow transplant, to ensure that he had the best chance at remission.  Since your chances of relapse decrease with different bone marrow, they call it your new birthday.  Those chances decrease even further after you've made it one year without a relapse, so this friend decided to throw himself a first birthday party.

Unfortunately, it was a cold day in the park, and rain ended it a bit early. However, it was a perfect chance to rush out to buy a last minute pair of white tights to wear with the dress I had packed for the trip back home. 

While the dress was rather cold, I was glad that I was wearing the special dress I bought in Toronto to this special occasion!


  1. You look extra special for an extra special occasion...I wish your friend the best of luck:)

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  2. You look fantastic. What a wonderful milestone to celebrate. Hope you all had a great time!!!

  3. What a cool celebration!

    You look lovely!


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