Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thesis Wear

I've been doing this "thesis work from home" thing for a week now, and believe me, it's tough getting dressed every morning.  Inevitably, I didn't do so well in the last part of the week, but I started off on the right foot!

I've been opting for this pair of jeans for a while - they're the Joe Boyfriend fit from a couple years ago.  They're probably a couple sizes too big, but with a belt, I avoid most accidental flashing issues.  They are, beyond a doubt, the most comfortable pair of jeans I own.

I doubled the shirts just for some visual interest.  However, the necklines didn't line up as well in life as in my head, so my solution wasn't to go back to the drawing board, but just to add a scarf.

Since it's been a touch chilly for the season, I added a jacket when I went Back-To-School shopping... possibly my most favourite time of year!!


  1. Love the layered look look great, and I know its hard for me sometimes on the weekend to get up and about and all dressed up....

    Statements in Fashion

  2. The layered shirts look fantastic and the addition of the scarf is perfect. It really is hard to get dressed when you aren't going to be leaving the house. Those are the days when I tend not to post!


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