Monday, September 27, 2010

... what season is this?

Despite having been below average temperatures with lots and lots of rain over the last few weeks, this week, it's warm and sunny.  It's so confusing, I seemed to have forgotten how to dress for temperatures in the mid-twenties!

Details shot to show you colours
However, there is always still a cool breeze, to remind me it's fall, so I decided the altered corduroy skirt was the best bet for this in-between-seasons weather.  I paired it with a more summer demin strapless top (which is almost corset-like), and of course a cardigan, since I will be in the library this afternoon.

I had to do a last minute pedicure so I could wear my gladiator sandals, but I'll say it's worth it!!

Not only is the weather confusing, but my brain is too.  We had some friends over after a conference this weekend (conference wardrobe pics will be posted this coming weekend), and one of them got a hold of my camera.  Of course the comment was made: "What, making your own edition of vogue" when they realized all the outfit pictures I had on there.  I was mortified.

The academic world doesn't focus on what they consider "superficial ideas" such as fashion blogging.  As such, I've kept this blog rather private from most of my social group, both academic and not, but most specifically the academic types.  While each of them has their own un-academic pursuits (comic books, trashy tv, etc), they are private pursuits.  This blog is rather public.

Here is my confusion: these friends see me in many of the outfits I'm  posting, so it's not the style that embarrasses me.  It has to be the fact that I do post them that is the source of shame.   But if we spend so much time analyzing the social habits of case studies, the word choice of authors, etc, why is it so reprehensible to analyze the contemporary choice of clothing?  Doesn't our fashion say just as much about us as our behaviour and our literature?

So maybe if the academic scorns the blog world, I should bring the academic world to the blog.  What does my outfit say today about my value system? It says that I esteem utility (as the pockets on this belt are a lot more useful than I ever thought possible).  I value comfort (as the cardigan is necessary to fight the evils of over-air-conditioned institutions) and that I am a woman who takes control of things, and makes them what I want (as the skirt has been altered to my standards). 

But maybe I'm just trying to justify the existence of this blog.


  1. 1. Love this outfit! That denim strapless top is wonderful! Imagine how cool it will look over a button-down shirt. I have a black and white plaid corset-y top like this and I love it.

    2. You don't need to justify the existence of your blog one iota, Cara. I started mine so that I'd have a record of my outfits (memory like a sieve), and I also considered that it would be a handy record for the insurance if my house burnt down.

    However, it's so much more than that! It's your artistic expression, and even your diary! I find it fascinating to dig back through my old posts and look at who I was 2-3 years ago. It's gone so fast.

    So, is it that you post your pictures that's shameful? Or is it that blogging about yourself feels somehow self-centered, and society tells us we're not supposed to show ourselves off in such a public way?

    You should be proud of your blog. You're beautiful, you are creative and you don't need to justify it to anyone.

    Um...rant over. :) Sorry!

  2. I love your blog and your outfits.. I read like 20 fashion and makeup blogs so you're definitely not alone in liking "superficial things". i would start my own blog if i had the dedication to take pics every day!!!!!!!!


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