Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dreaming of pink clouds

Sometimes the door to our bedroom sticks and we're locked in.  This happened last night when Scott got up in the middle of the night.  Add to that the staying up late to make buns, and getting up early to bake them, sleep time was precious.  My goal for the day is to get through enough of my reading this morning that I can justify a short nap this afternoon.  While this wasn't my plan of pairing pink and brown, I suppose it does. 

Yes, folks, these are my pajamas.  I didn't realize that I'd been wearing pink pajamas during pink month, but it was actually Scott that noticed it.  Quite obvious, I think, from his perspective: I generally don't wear this much pink in this concentrated of a period.

I have a general rule about not wearing pajamas in the pairs that they come in, most especially because the monkey pajama pants came with a shirt that said something along the lines of "Wild Child" or another phrase with a little more overt sexual undertones, which was rather humourous given my mother-in-law bought them for me for Christmas a couple years ago.  I picked up the faux-comic book t-shirt one day in hopes of cheering up my comic geek boyfriend, but have since relegated it to the pajama drawer.

Oh, and despite always hanging my pajama pants to dry, they always shrink on me.

Oh ya, and here is what I actually wore


  1. SUper cute jammies:)

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  2. hi i love the comic tshirt. and the one u paired up with blazer, is it butterfly?

  3. I love how you add in your Pink Pj's

  4. I love that your PJs are pink too. :) That makes me smile!


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