Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

A departure from the pink, but for a good cause: I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving.  Oddly, I'm ahead of schedule, which probably means I'll fall asleep on the couch and forget to put the turkey in... ooops!

I had intended on having a decor scheme of blue, yellow and orange. I seem to only have sets of 4 placemats, so I needed to pick up some up from our local Dollarstore.  However, as I drove up to it this morning, I quickly discovered that it had burned down last night.

So I did a make shift yellow runner, added the flowers, and decided the blue chairs (one of which is from our bedroom, one of which is Scott's desk chair) would have to be as blue as I got!  I hope that my guests aren't messy: I was counting on the morning trip to the Dollarstore for napkins too!

I finally put my contacts back in, and paired with the orange shirt, I forgot how blue they could be.

All right, I should preheat the oven, so I have a reason to not fall asleep: I'd hate for my apartment to tka eth same turn as the Dollarstore.

(Oh, and so I don't come across as callous - there were not injuries in the fire, as everyone was evacuated immediately, and the business appears to be properly insured)

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!


  1. Happy Turkey look great!!

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  2. Your table looks lovely - and I love your orange with the blue/green plaid! Very festive. Happy Thanksgiving!


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