Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm No Longer Dreaming Of a White Christmas

It happened.  Every year, I know it will. But every year it catches me by surprise.  Yes, I know the traditional retorts: "You chose to live there", and every year I question why I do.  Being on the most westerly side of the prairies, too, it seems to be worse, coming in all at once in a storm, rather than scattered out over a few days or weeks.  And I know, give it a few days and there will be a reprieve for maybe a week, two tops.  But nothing is more discouraging than the first snowfall of the year.

That's right, it's now winter.  Six whole months of winter (I think I just heard my reader in Florida, Texas and California just faint at the prospect).  And in all honesty, winter does feel a touch late this year.  Sure the snow doesn't start to stick around until November, but we made it almost all of October without a single flake. 

What makes it the hardest is that my current city is unbelievably windy.  Take cold wet snow, and then have it fly at you 70km/hr (roughly 44 mph).  Now have that happen for about 15-20 minutes because you bus is late, since people have seemed to have forgotten how to drive in this weather.  I've been home for 1/2 hour, and I still can't feel my toes.

Dressing for this weather, I thought, would be a breeze.  Luckily, I had factored in the breeze.  Today, I'm wearing not one but two dresses, oh, and I've layered a skirt and jacket with it!.  I've got my brown Old Navy sundress, the pink dress from my challenge and this kind of awkwardly shaped brown skirt.  I had contemplated wearing a slip between each layer, but I was already at 5 layers... plus tights on my legs.  I did deal with a bit of static all day, but was very greatful for it when the wind came along and only blew up ONE layer of the skirts. 

I kind of felt like a little kid playing dress up all day, with a big tutu type skirt.  Unfortunately, only the top 2 layers really flew around when I spun, so I didn't do a lot of that (which is probably good. Afterall, I am in government, not preschool)


  1. I hope you stay nice and warm today - have been hearing about that storm hitting the prairies! Nasty stuff...and makes me grateful to live in BC (rain is fine).

  2. I LOVE your layered look...its the funnest part of getting dresses I think:)
    We have HIGH winds here today....I can tell those colder temps arent going to hold out for much longer...stay warm....you look super cute!!

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  3. I just fainted here in Tennessee. It got down to 52 this afternoon and I thought I was going to freeze to death. Brr!

    I love all the layers here. Very very cute!


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