Monday, October 11, 2010

Relaxing in Pink

It's Thanksgiving Monday, which is a holiday up here in Canada.  However, my Mom's side of the family has a lot of police and nurses, so we typically can't meet on a specific holiday. Our family gathering will take place next Sunday.  Since Scott was also working all weekend, he managed to negotiate 5 days off over next weekend, so we can leave for the long trip Thursday after he's done work, get some wedding stuff done, and then stay for the family gathering.  Taking today off, working my government job tomorrow, and being away on Friday would mean only working on thesis stuff 2 days this week - not good considering I'm already a bit behind where I'd like to be.  So without family around, I have no real reason not to work today.  Fortunately, Monday's are mostly organizational and "warm up" days - figuring out what needs to be read, when it needs to be read, and what did I get out of last week.  It's really the day that my Education Degree comes into play.


  1. That sounds like way too much thinking for me. I'm exhausted already. :)

    I love this outfit on you, so simple but you look comfy, chic and put together.

  2. Very Cute.


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