Friday, October 22, 2010

Return on the Stress

 This morning, I woke up from a dead sleep of someone who has been unbelieveably stressed and then had all the stress removed.  It was wonderful.  And then I remembered I had to start writing Chapter One of my thesis today, and, what do you know, I realized I'd been slightly off on a lot of my research, so I had to do a lot more.  I'm definitely behind where I wanted to be, so welcome back, stress.

It didn't help that I don't like this outfit. I'm very glad that the capsule wardrobe is over today, and that we only have one more week of pink.  I'm wearing this dress as a skirt today, which was difficult because I forgot it had some gathering at the waist, which is, of course, higher than the bottom of most of my shirts, so it doesn't quite lie right with this sweater.

I'm really excited for how I'm planning on wearing it as a shirt.  It may actually be mixing this dress, with another dress, with another skirt.  That should be Tuesday.

And yes, I look like a dolt.


  1. I like your outfit hunnie....the gray compliments the cold color well...maybe add a scarf? I think its cute just the way it is:)

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  2. I meant the *bold color....geeze....its still wayyy early here, lol


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