Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrapped in Pink

This is what happens when I decide that I should wait until the end of the work day to post: I forget to post all together, and suddenly it's almost midnight and in my pajamas when I remember.
I noticed Zoey Deschenel (whose name I refuse to learn to spell because I'm lazy) was wearing wide legged trousers, with tucked in shirts in (500) Days of Summer, so I had to try it.  This is my attempt.  Something weird was going on with the neckline on this shirt all day.  I also failed to account for the fact the weatherman lies and that I should never expect it to be warm enough for sockless shoes in October.  However, you'll notice the insoles were even getting in on the pink.
Wow - I realize many of my peers stay up much much later, but the closer it gets to midnight, the more exhausted I am!  Of course, I didn't sleep well again last night, not to mention that as we were doing dishes tonight, Scott noticed I was sprouting my fourth set of hives in about 6 weeks.  Sigh.  I also baked my first pies ever, which appear to be successful.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like either side of our families are going to be able to make it this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving.  I realize that there are many important things preventing their visit, but it's still upsetting.  This will be my first holiday season I won't be with my family.  Yes, I suppose I can keep in mind that Scott and I are now a "family", but really, it just makes the city I'm in now (which I am currently referring to as "the mole in the armpit of Canada") seem really far away from... well... everything.
Tomorrow I might have to go for bright pink to cheer me up. 


  1. GREAT color combo..I love pink and gray!!

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  2. Aw, sorry to hear you'll miss out seeing your fam on Thanksgiving. My family doesn't celebrate it - I made them decide: me or the turkey. Ha! (It's my birthday this weekend).


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