Thursday, November 4, 2010

All parties on one night

Sorry for the delay in Thursday's post.  The leak from Wednesday turned out to be idiots upstairs leaving their sink running, with the drain plugged, so we had dirty dishwater flowing into our apartment. Sigh. Anyway, that meant the baking I was going to do Wednesday night was delayed until Thursday afternoon, meaning I had written the post, but hadn't got pictures by the time I had to leave for the night... but I digress

I got a little giddy this morning when I saw all the comments on my blog, and a few new followers.  Then suddenly overwhelmed: "Now I know I have lots of people watching I have to start blogging regularly, and wearing clothes that match, and making sense on my posts", all things which Scott assured me I probably either do all ready, or people wouldn't be sticking around.

In any event, I thought hard about the comments on the shirt from yesterday, and decided that it still has to go.  I could warm up to the shape, but the fabric just doesn't have a good drape to it; it's far too stiff.  I did try it jacketed as per Megan's suggestion, but that's when I realized it's really not the best fabric choice - this triangle of fabric jutted out very awkwardly when left unbuttoned, and poofed out in a disasterous way under the jacket when buttoned.  Fortunately, I do have a similarly shaped shirt in a more silky fabric which I do love, so I don't feel like I'm disregarding all of your comments!

As for today's outfit, it was another "how come all my social plans end up on the same day" type of night.  We have a student association potluck, followed by trivia.  (They switched trivia night to Thursday instead of Wednesday - I'm not cool with that!!!). Despite the warmer temperatures, I insisted on wearing my new winter boots.  Fortunately, they worked exactly as I hoped: while not ideal for long walks in -30 temperature, they're rated to -15 Celsius, meaning they are perfect for short walks outside in the cold, but not too too warm for wearing inside!!

Now can I go back to bed? The night was a lot of fun, but that means today... well, not so much!

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