Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And I'm Ready to Give Up - Day 3

helloThe difficulty in the challenge for me is not coming up with new way to wear the same clothes.  The challenge, for me, lies in getting dressed for 30 days.

Last night, I thought: "I should pick an outfit", but instead I watched Family Guy's spoof on James Bond (rather, I fell asleep while watching Big Bang Theory, and woke up during Family Guy).

When I got into bed and couldn't sleep after that, I thought: "I should pick an outfit".  Instead, I decided to throw myself a pity party because, well, anything bad that happened during the week suddenly becomes my fault after 12:00 at night.  You know, like my grandpa needing a hip replacement because I don't visit enough.  Or my car's blower motor resistor going because I left a couple empty Starbucks cups in there. The logics - I don't have them.

It should have come as no surprise, then, that when I woke up to yet another "winter storm" (this time not a winter bomb, thankfully!!), my instinct was not: "I should pick an outfit" but "PAJAMA DAY!!!!"

But I prevailed. I didn't try that hard to do anything all that revolutionary. My hope was that it would feel like pajamas.  It doesn't. However, I am very glad accessories are not included.  This outfit would be so plain without the scarf!  It's still fairly simple, but considering I'm not leaving the house today, anything more would be overkill!  The brooch reminds me of snowflakes, making me hate winter a little less.  However, our apartment is too cold to shower, so the hat is covering my greasy hair!


  1. i'm glad you prevailed! :) sometimes the accessories really make the outfit!

    i know what you mean about guilt creeping in right before bed....what is with that?! last night i was in bed wondering about who is going to take care of my parents when they're older. "our house is a one bedroom! i dont have room! i hope they have enough saved for retirement..oh crap, i dont have enough for retirement!" you get the idea. ha!

  2. I'm glad you prevailed too! The hat and scarf are super cute.

    I totally know what you mean about late-night thinking. It gets to be a vicious circle. Sometimes it's better to just go to sleep and leave the thoughts behind.

  3. Great outfit!
    I just discovered your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary

  4. I love your outfit! It's simple but still very classy. Love the boots!

  5. Great outfit! I love the boots and jeans! And I totally know what you mean, if I'm awake too late my mind starts doing crazy things to me! Yay for prevailing against Pajama Day though! Super cute! :)

  6. Cute scarf !:)

  7. wonderful cap and scarf...them colour is fantastic!
    my name's martina and I like so much your you like fashion? I'm a fashion victim!
    I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me! I wait you!kiss kiss ^^


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