Monday, November 22, 2010

And now for an intermission

I can't wear these clothes another day!  Due to a huge weather change mid trip, about 1/3 (or maybe a half, if I'm exaggerating) were no longer weather appropriate.  The remaining number either are way stretched out (my poor jeans!!!) or covered in dog hair (my poor cardigan!!!) or simply just boring to me (hello, 3/4 length white shirt).  I cannot wait to get back to the apartment and the remaining clothes there!  I plan to fall asleep tonight dreaming of the different combinations I can wear!

Because I've just outworn my travel wardrobe, I'm giving myself full permission to wear non-30 for 30 clothes.  Ok, it's not just due to overwearing, but two other important reasons.  First, I was supposed to drive back yesterday, and be working with my full rotation of 30 for 30 clothes today, but the weather stopped me.  Second, since I will be on the highway today in frigidly cold weather, layering tights under jeans (which isn't so comfortable in skinny jeans) and shirts under hoodies is necessary: safety over style!!

While there is a chance I'll get home, shower and put on an outfit, in case I don't, I'll finally get a chance to do the 7 Confessions that Megan tagged me in last week!

1.  I have difficulty not being the centre of attention with my own family.  This week, when my sister, her husband and the baby were understandably in the spotlight, I had to constantly remind myself to be more quiet.  Trust me, I made up for it visiting with Scott's family today!

2.  I'm freaked out by pregnant bellies.  Even my sister's.  I thought I could keep it under control as long as I didn't look at it directly, or, heaven forbid, touch it.  And then I saw it move.  It was kind of traumatic, and Scott is understandably a little concerned about our potential future as parents. 

3.  I spend most of my life wishing I could fast forward 2 years.  For some reason, I always assume life will be easier, despite being fully aware that new problems just crop up.  Fortunately, now I just want to fast forward about 12 months (pausing, of course, for our wedding in 7 1/2 months).  We'll be back in our home province, in the city of our births, and able to see our little niece whenever we want.  Oh, and hopefully by then I'll have a job, too!

4.  Most of my blog posts are written before I even know what I'm wearing.  I usually formulate my outfit as I type.  Obviously, I don't publish until I've decided, and taken pictures in the outfit.

5. I know my allergies are at least partially in my head.  I know for sure that stress exacerbates them, but sometimes I think I react just because I'm expecting to.  The latter generally happens around animals.  Food, I am more likely to not admit I'm reacting because I'm allergic to everything good in life, like chocolate, pineapple and salsa. 

6. Scott and I are cohabitating prior to being legally joined in matrimony.  Yes, most of you have figured that out, if I haven't already said it. However, there are a number of "friends" and perhaps even a family member or two who don't know.  It definitely wasn't in my plans, but I know I wouldn't have made it through the first few months of grad school if he wasn't there to pick up the pieces, and it's reassuring knowing that we'll be entering marriage already aware of each others pet peeves and dirty habits.  Besides, I feel we've already made the commitment to each other (and before God), so our wedding will be a celebration of that, rather than a nerve-wracking day of life changes.

7.  Despite living together, we each stay at our respective parents' houses when we're back home.  One of my favourite things about us is the fact that we recognize that it's ok to miss each other.  We are both very introverted people, and both spent a lot of our lives doing solitary activities, so we sometimes need a little "me" time when we're at home too.  Nothing bugs me more than a couple who are continually joined at the hip, and can't seem to exist without the other.  I think the secret to a strong relationship is not losing yourself in your partner, and being compatible in your individuality. 

I'm not tagging people, since I forget who has been tagged all ready... if you've been wanting to do this but have been waiting to be tagged, consider yourself tagged by me!!!


  1. Pregnant bellies freak me out too! No one ever understands me when I say that - so I've learned to keep that feeling to myself.
    I'm glad that even though you are taking a small break, you will be back with the challenge when you get back.
    The Auspicious Life

  2. Ohh number 6, I so understand the living quirks. I wish I had been more prepared for living with someone else. We've finally settled into it, but it's taken some new compromises.

    Also I'm sorry to hear about the allergies. That blows. What in salsa causes a reaction? (Please don't say onions/garlic or I will have to grieve for you)

  3. Very interesting to read your 7 things! Sorry to hear the weather is causing troubles! :)


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