Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conversations with my self - Day... 16?

Upon returning home, I realized there are a bunch of clothes which I haven't yet worn in my 30 for 30... the grey skirt, the black skinny jean, the brown dress pants, the white short sleeve shirt and the black sneakers. The shoes didn't surprise me: we quickly jumped into winter, and since I am rarely outside these days anyway, shoes weren't exactly a "must have" item to begin with.

However, I knew I'd have to start jumping into these items before I got frustrated and gave up.  The skinny jeans were a must, since I still haven't washed my blue skinny jeans that got beyond stretched out. 

I knew the plaid shirt I'd only worn once would be a good idea, since it's cold and snowy here.

But then I got stuck.  I thought: "roll up both sets of sleeves and wear it with a blazer!" but the pinstripe one seemed too formal for a day at home, and the sleeves on the other one don't roll well.

"Wear it with the navy cardigan and mix those neutrals!" But I haven't washed the dog hair off the sweater.

"How about with a hoodie over top?" But the shirt is too long for the hoodie.

And then I realized this challenge is all about wearing things differently, seeing new uses... so while a hoodie normally is worn over a shirt, why not wear it under?  (Plus, it would cover up the food I dropped on it a couple weeks ago, but still haven't washed... is anyone besides me getting the feeling one of these days should be laundry day??).

It's a super casual look, but it's just me and my muse working away in the apartment. 

And on an unrelated note: Hey Canadians - anyone else jealous of American Thanksgiving?  I could really go for some mashed potatos, cranberry sauce and turkey. 

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  1. I love the outfit!! Very neat wearing the hoodie under the shirt!! Uh... while I am an American participating in American Thanksgiving, I am perfectly fine with other people appropriating our holiday traditions! I suppose its only fair at the end of the day... er... that might have come out wrong... mostly I'm just saying, go for the mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberry sauce!! :)


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