Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 10 - One third done or two thirds to go?

Disclaimer:  Pictures over the next few days could be interesting. Apparently I forgot that I had stolen my parents' tripod, and thus am limited by random objects throughout their house.  Consider them art pieces???

I'm one third done this challenge, so it's a good time for a retrospective of sorts, yes?

I will say this - when I was given about 12 hours notice that I'd be spending one week away from Home "A" (I'm at my parents - Home "B"... so that's just as "home" to me!!)*, the challenge made packing SO easy.  A skirt? A pair of jeans? A dress? A couple sweaters? A few shirts?  Well look at that - they already all match!

However, there are 2 items that I haven't touched in my 30 for 30 wardrobe, and I'm starting to think that maybe it might be an idea to swap them out.  I'm thinking of the white short sleeved shirt (it's winter: why did I think I needed both a 3/4 sleeve AND and short sleeve in white?? Longer sleeves are always better!!!) and the brown dress pants.  I've got enough skirts and dresses to make it through the few days of work I have, and I don't wear dress pants around the house.  Why did I include them???

I am noticing a lack of dressier shirts within the mix: I threw in my long dark wash jeans that I love to wear with my oxford heels, but no shirt to throw on top for going out to dinner - an issue that I'll encounter in a couple days.

There are also items that I thought I'd get more use out of then I have been: my black skinny jeans and my white hoodie. All right, I spilled tomato sauce on the hoodie, and while I spot treated it, I haven't washed it.  And despite having done a capsule wardrobe challenge to banish the antiquated rule of : "Navy and Black do not match", I still can't get my mind around it.

I think the hardest challenge will be tonight when my mother gets home from work.  Most trips home I make, we head out and do some shopping.  And as much as this challenge is about getting the most out of our wardrobes, I think that rule will fly out the window: after all, my mom is more important**

*No need to be alarmed: this was the type of last minute trip that I had been expecting for a couple weeks, and it was a wonderful "surprise".  The only unexpected detail was the timing of everything: I felt it was important I get to "Home C" (which refers more to a city than a home itself!) asap.  I was originally planning to go back to Home "A", and then Scott and I would both drive to Home "B" (which is in between "A" and "C") later this week, and then onto Home "C" one more time, I decided to just to drive back as far as Home "B" and chill.  And then I remembered the heat in my car died, and my mechanic is still in the same city as Home "B" , so that will draw out the visit even longer.

**And I have a feeling we aren't going to shop for clothes for us, given the "surprise" of yesterday. Come on - if you've been reading the last 2-4 days you have to have figured it out. I'm not allowed to say... one of the people it involves is significantly more private than me, which is fine, but it's SO HARD to control my excitement!!


  1. Wow. You have a lot of "homes". :)

    I'm happy that you're able to spend some time with your parents, I'm sure that's fun for you! I hope so, anyway. :)

    I've missed being able to read your blog over the past few weeks! Hopefully I can stay caught up and hear about the surprise news from yesterday soon!

  2. I can't wrap my head around combining navy and black either, but I hope to by the end of the challenge!

    I really love the sweater you're wearing today. It's gorgeous! That pattern is great and I love a cowl neck.

  3. I think black and navy is hard to pull off unless you have a "brilliant" navy. If it's too dull it can look unintentional.

    Goodluck and well wishes to your family. =]

  4. Have fun spending time with your family!! I think black and navy can totally work, but I can see how it would be tricky! I need to try some myself! You're doing a great job with the remixing though, and its definitely been neat to see the outfits people come up with! :)

  5. I'm thinking of swapping some unworn things too. I say go for it!
    The Auspicious Life


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