Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 11 - Don't get Caught Lying Down on the Job!

My mother collects chairs*.  She doesn't intend to, they often just magically find a way into our garage.  My father and I have become accustomed to this over the years, but since I've moved out, it's become more of a problem.  Well, maybe not for my father, since he's regained the use of the garage, but more so for me: there are currently 7 chairs in my old bedroom.  Nothing like waking up in the morning to open your bleary eyes to a line of chairs set up like an audience watching you sleep.  I swear sometimes my mother moves them like this on purpose in my sleep.

In any event,  these chairs caught my eye as I was drifting off to sleep, trying to resolve the problem of: "Why did I pack my black over the knee socks if I have nothing else that is black in my 30 for 30???. That morning, I'd seen ML of 20 York Street pose sitting down - something you don't often see in blog pics.  While I was planning on using my dad's oversized amp from his rock and roll days (which I still might), I thought: "If sitting works... what about..." Well, you'll see:

As for the black over the knee socks, I can easily create an outfit if I root around in my mother's closet for a black scarf.  Every woman's gotta have one, right?(Actually, I just checked.  Unless she's wearing it today, she doesn't have one.  Idea for Christmas?!?!?!)

I should also note that simplicity was a must today: as beautiful as the big fluffy flakes of snow may be, the day is going to consist of curling up in a blanket with some knitting, or shoveling the sidewalk. 

*I should also note that my mother refinishes furniture, so this isn't just some weird collection she has. The set I'm currently lounging on has a matching dining room table from her aunt, which is currently in the process of being refinished to replace her current dining suite, which is very 70s, and not in a good way.  And yes, I currently have an addiction to asterisks


  1. Creative picture taking! Lol! I also somehow don't own a black scarf - infact everything but.

  2. Black starves are a staple for me! Green looks great on you btw!:)


    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop by and say hi!:)

  3. My mom collects chairs too! She doesn't refinish them though she just loves chairs. My dad actually had to put in place a rule that says for every chair that comes into the house one must leave. Her answer: move to a bigger house. Which they are!

  4. Asterisks rule! They are right up there with amersands.

    Love the pose - and those are gorgeous chairs.

    My black scarf is one that I bought for a Hallowe'en costume - and I get a ton of wear out of it. I do have a couple of black tie belts that I use as scarves too.

  5. Hah, awesome pose! Definitely something different. And yeah... I have to say, if I woke up to bunch of chairs "staring" at me... I would be a little creeped out. :) But refinishing furniture is pretty cool! And really cute outfit too! Asterisks are fun! I have a nasty habit of going crazy with parentheticals (really bad... and even worse, nesting them (like this... also, the ellipsis...)). Hrm... I don't have a black scarf either actually. I should probably fix that sometime. :)


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