Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 19 - Is it the weekend?

This week, I was the queen of procrastination so it's one part punishment and one part scheduling that means I'm working on a Saturday when I really just want to be watching girly movies and knitting (1/2 slipper down, 9.5 to go - my procrastination is limitless).  However, Scott has the next two days off, so we're going to take them off together (especially since we're not good at working from home when the other is playing video games).

The biggest issue I'm finding is that I just don't want to get dressed.  Granted, I still haven't done the laundry which is limiting my 30 for 30 choices (another example of procrastination).  However, I do have 3 unworn items that I can either a) wear or b) swap out for something I do want to wear.  For some reason, neither motivates me.  In fact, I can't even convince myself to get dressed even if I go off challenge.

It's beginning to feel like one of those days in which I convince myself that I can stay in my pajamas so long as I work on my thesis.  Or, one of those days in which I allow myself an extra day off, so long as I get dressed.

However, I must persevere.  On both the thesis and the getting dressed. I chose something that I thought would inspire me academically - a touch of argyle!  I'd seen someone wearing a cardigan backwards in the mall the other day , so I decided to dry it.  I'm not a convert yet, but I think I can try it with some other cardigans.  The back of my neck is a touch chilly, since it does dip lower in the back.  I'm also not in love with the higher neck in the front.  But the blazer does frame the little argyle diamond nicely. 

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  1. I love the blazer! I have some serious troubles with procrastination myself! Good luck on the thesis!! :)


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