Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 8 - Time to Celebrate

 I don't know why I said celebrate, I really have nothing to celebrate at this point.  Last night was only marginally better than the night before. I did finish the project I had been working on for my sister's baby, so I'm kind of glad baby isn't here yet!

In any event, I've been trying to make it through all the blogs participating in the 30 for 30, generally trying to make it through one letter a day.  I've been slowly adding blogs to my reader, and once I've made it all the way through I'll update my blog roll.

Singing "I'm a little teapot"
In viewing all these blogs, I'm realizing how dull my pictures are.  I'd love to have inventive backgrounds, and well photographed pictures, but I'm limited by my basic white walled apartment, a tripod and a timer.  Unfortunately, we're in winter here so outdoor pictures are not ideal.

I have noticed I've been doing a bit of "I'm a little tea pot" since I switch which "White corner with door" I've been using.  While varying poses may work, it can only do so much.

Any advice? 


  1. Hi Cara!

    So glad you found me, I found you! =)
    Sorry American friends but I do love me some Canadian bloggers! Let's face it, there's not that many of us compare to them so I've got good reasons, right?!

    p.s. I checked out your archives, your photos are not dull Miss! I'd love to see your backyard, streets and city landmarks?



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  2. Hey! I love the tights..

    As for backgrounds - my house has terrible lighting so I'll probably be braving the cold weather to continue my outdoor shots. What I like most out of blogs is consistency, be it of pose or place. Detail shots and random poses are fun, but in addition to a full outfit shot.

    I'm more interested in being able to see what a blogger is wearing than just 'eye candy' (which is also good, but not the main reason for watching a blog). I say work with what you've got, which in your case is a good place with good lighting where you don't cut off your feet or head.

    All that mess said, why aren't you on my blogroll yet?! Lol! I'm adding you now.

  3. Hi, Cara, I'm a fellow remixer and member of Friend Friday. I teach English at a community college, although my graduate degree was in creative writing. I'm liking your comfy looks. You have a nice slender figure--good for lots of looks.

    Do you have a hallway where you take shots or an interesting prop or too to shake things up?

    Best of luck with the rest of the challenge.

  4. Really cute!! I love the tights and the colors! Your pictures are fine! I usually take mine indoors too! It looks like you have pretty good lighting too! And that's great about finishing your project! :)


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