Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 9 - finally over

Well, I survived the day. I was a little concerned: I was falling asleep at my desk before the solo part of my trek down flat prairie highways and grey skies.  However, some coffee, and a mix of great songs I got to sing along with allowed me to persevere!

I managed to make it to my parents' in less time than expected (I always budget extra time in winter in case I need to slow down and stay safe!!), so I grabbed a quick picture.  I haven't done any colour / brightness/ contrast adjustments*.  I didn't even crop it.  And yes, I know I cut off my feet.  However, I'm dead tired, so this will have to do. **

Another hitch in my day was the fact I re-started Tommy Europe's Bridal Bootcamp yesterday, not expecting I'd be doing a marathon trip across the prairies.  He certainly knows how to push you hard, even when you're just reading the instructions off the internet.  My hamstrings feel like shredded cheese, and I could barely walk after each segment of the trip when I got out of the car. 

Tomorrow, I'm sleeping in.  For a good long time. I'm at my parents' place, in my old bed in my old room, with my near blackout blinds.  No fiancĂ©'s alarm going off at 5:00 am. No noisy radiators.  In fact, after 8:00 am, no one will be in the house at all.  Oh, sleep, how I have missed you!

* Colour adjustment would have shown you I did navy tights and a navy cardigan with this dress.  And ultimately, I've decided even with tights it's a little too short for work.  Considering I was so exhausted when I showed up for work this morning that everyone assumed I was leaving early because I was sick, I'm sure they didn't even notice the skirt.

*If I feel ambitious, I may do a better picture after I've slept.


  1. love florals! great idea to pair them with navy tights!

  2. This outfit is adorable! I love all the navy with the florals. You look great, even if you're exhausted.

  3. You are doing Tommy Europe's Bridal Bootcamp? That is so cool! He was in Ottawa last month and my friends saw him.

    Even cooler - you are getting married? WOW!


    Come say hello:


  4. That dress is really cute!! Glad you made it safe! I hope you had fun catching up on sleep! :)


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