Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outfit #20 & #21

Yes - Two Outfits In One Post!!!!

Last night, we were invited out to the local pool hall to... well... not play pool.  It's currently Grey Cup weekend, so I made sure I wasn't wearing any green to show any support for the team representing the province in which I'm currently living. It's difficult NOT being a Rider fan in this province, but I will persevere. Don't get me wrong : I'm not an Allouettes fan either.  I just am more vehemently opposed to the Roughriders.  In any event, I still felt like I was channeling this province by wearing plaid flannel.  That I guess I'm ok with.  It's hard getting dressed any trying NOT to make a statement these days!!!

This morning was First Advent so Scott and I decided to test drive a new church.  I felt the same way about the service as I did about this outfit: uninspired.  Not that there was anything particularly wrong with either, it just didn't make me go "Yes!  That's it!".  I didn't actually want to wear this outfit, but the red shirt I was going for was in the wash, which I had neglected to remember.  However, this is the first wearing of this skirt, so hopefully I'll come up with some ways to wear it. 


  1. Both outfits are so chic. I really love the first; you're doing a friggin great job making plaid look high fashion. Work it out!

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  2. LOL, thanks for the comment. Yes, I wonder what the mood is like in Regina today. My husband is super celebratory today, and I think he's even wearing his jersey to work :)

  3. I really like both of these outfits!! The skirt in the second outfit is super cute!! :)


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