Friday, November 12, 2010

Princess Skirt - Day 5

I loved layering this dress this summer, and this skirt earlier this fall.  I think that's the only reason why I included the skirt it in the 30 for 30.

This is the first time I've ventured out of the apartment since the snow stuck (that was only Wednesday). I'm not sure why I decided to go with a dress - it's also the coldest day we've had this winter (oh, I've declared it winter. As soon as the snow hits and sticks, it becomes winter... I'm convinced it's not going to melt again).It's hard to believe that just last Sunday it was 18 degress Celsius and now it is -12 degrees Celsius (that's 64 and 10 respectively, in Fahrenheit).  Crazy Canada.

I met with my adviser today on my first chapter of my thesis.  I was apprehensive, because I really felt like I was juggling too many balls in such a short space of pages, but she was very impressed with how well I did... I managed to keep all but one "ball" up in the air.  Of course, the one I forgot was kind of the central argument which will over-arc my thesis, but it's a relatively easy fix. 

Oh ya, the outfit: Scott doesn't like the scarf I chose.  He said it was too much colour.   I do have a solid brown one I contemplated using, but I felt it would just encourage my reliance on solid colours, and my fear of patterns.  I do need a belt with it - the dress looks much more "I'm a 6 year old," especially with the poofy skirt underneath without some way to break up the line. Thoughts?


  1. I would have placed the scarf lower, but I do like the brown pattern. It helps to pull the bright green down a bit. The key necklace is really cute!

  2. Wearing that poofy skirt underneath was such a wonderful idea! I love the was it peeks out the bottom. Never thought to layer my skirts under summery dresses - this is wonderfuL! You have opened so many new doors in my closet...shame I can't wear them until December.

  3. I totally thought it was a belt! What a cute way to use a scarf!

  4. I also thought it was a belt! Maybe lower it slightly to your natural waist? Otherwise, ignore the husband. ;)

  5. Hah, I had to look again to look for the scarf too, and I'm with everyone else: totally thought it was a belt! I agree, a bit lower might be worth a try, but really, its super cute! :)


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