Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Work - 30 for 30 Day #2

helloAll right, I didn't go all out on this outfit for work; I could easily wear this to the library or something.  However, it's still completely appropriate for my office environment.   I planned out about 30 outfits, making sure I had 4-5 work outfits, 3-4 "special" outfits, and two mini travel wardrobes, as well as a bunch of every day outfits.  It's kind of awesome because it means asking Scott to pick a number between 1 and 4, or 1 and 5, and then I wear that outfit. 

I'm SO glad that I decided to alter this skirt - it's been indispensable this fall!    This is its first trip to work, though.  I've had a precarious history of clothing and work.  I've never had a situation in which I was told my outfits were inappropriate.  However, the reaction at my current office is much more subdued than in a previous work place, in which my outfit was scrutinized during a nearly daily request for a "fashion show" which was awkward to say the least.  In contrast, I've been finding the lack of commentary in my current workplace to be rather unsettling, especially on days when I've purposely worn something to see how "out there" my outfits can get before a comment is made.  I am, however, betting now that my outfits are going to be a bit more tame this month, something will be said. 


  1. What a great system! You're so organized - love it.

    I really like that skirt - it's so pretty.

    I like trying to provoke a reaction with my clothes, see how far I can go before someone says something (very few people do).

  2. Ooooh, you're lucky you haven't been told an outfit is inappropriate. That doesn't feel good. Especially when you think you're doing okay.

    I love this outfit on you! You look like a sexy professional!

  3. Hehe, the numbered outfits is a neat approach! I love this outfit, especially those shoes! Sorry to hear about how your outfits get treated your job! Anyway, I think this is just a fabulous outfit! :)

  4. My fave accessory is the work badge! Haha :0) I've overheard co-workers say "This is the office, not Sex and the City!" so I'm glad you haven't had one of those moments. I think this look appropriate for work!


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