Monday, December 6, 2010

Am I done yet? Yes I am!

I won' t lie: I fell asleep last night fantasizing about what to wear tomorrow.. Purple. Definitely purple. Maybe some pink. A touch of grey.  It's so exciting.  There are definitely reasons why I am glad to be able to use the full wardrobe.

This challenge was different from what I anticipated.

For one, the temperature was 16 degrees on the first day of the challenge. While it's probably only -10 today, we did reach -30 at one point during the challenge, so a difference of 46 degrees.  While I don't have a lot of stuff to do outside, it did still influence my choice of clothing: I didn't wear the skirts as much as I wanted.  In fact, I wore the brown one only once, and that was under a dress.

The challenge did force me to put more thought into the outfits I wore on my days at home (which are more and more frequent: the minute the snow stuck, I stopped venturing out daily.  It was hard making myself get dressed many of those days, and while some days I blamed that on the challenge, other times, it was much easier motivating me.

I didn't do too much out of my comfort zone, I simply used this challenge as an opportunity to do somethings I'd wanted to do (but couldn't do during the pink challenge of October!).

The largest benefit for me was when I had about 12 hours to pack for a week long stay at my parents when my niece was born. I didn't have to start at square one: I had a pre-planned colour palette and set of clothes I could choose from.

With the exception of the orange wrap which I swapped in at the last minute, I was doing really well at 28 items, especially when half of them were in the laundry.  The short sleeve white shirt, the brown plaid pants, and the brown skirt were all really dumb items to add: I could have done a lot more with different items. I thought this would encourage me to wear these items in new and interesting ways, but since I wasn't excited about them at the beginning, I was less excited about them at the end, they were pretty much ignored.

The best though, was meeting other bloggers going through this!  I'm looking forward to find out how fabulous their outfits will be when they have their full closets again, too!

All in all, for my first 30 for 30, I'm rather happy with how it went!  Thanks, Kendi, for this opportunity!

But without any further ado, here is my last outfit:

There's not much to say about it, but I thought that since I started with blue and green, I'd end with it too!


  1. Congrats! I think you really learned a lot, and that's what the whole point of the 30/30. Hope you enjoy picking out your next outfit!

  2. You look fabulous here! What a way to end the challenge looking classic and gorgeous!

  3. I love the last outfit!! Glad the challenge worked out in its own way for you!! I think everyone who attempted it was super cool, and if you learned something from it, that's awesome!! And purple really is a great color! :)


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