Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold Enough To Freeze Your Winnebago

If you don't know where the title is from, you are missing a key part of life. I don't quite get it either, but Jim Hensen is fabulous!!

It's frigid here in the Canadian Prairies.  Yesterday, there was not any frost on the glass of our patio doors.  Today, there are only a inches through which I can see.  According to the magical meteorologist, we're in this weird weather pattern where it will actually be warmer at night than during the day for a few days.  Hopefully that will mean that it will be warmer when it's time to go grocery shopping tonight.

This outfit was neither warm nor inspiring.  I knew I should layer shirts for warmth.  However, this is a whole bunch of  synthetic.  Even with my jacket on, it felt like the wind was going through all the layers.  I'm glad I did throw the purple shirt underneath, because I did some colour.  However, maybe a lighter purple would have broken up the darkness - I felt like a storm cloud all day. 


  1. You don't look like a storm cloud. :)

    I'm so not a fan of cold weather. I hope for your sake that it warmed up for grocery shopping!

  2. Cute outfit!! Sorry it wasn't warmer! I have to say I'm fascinated by your tales of the cold! Where I live, people get excited by snow, and it usually goes away quickly enough that its still exciting every time! And I can't imagine dealing with the lack of daylight at that latitude! Stay warm!!! :)


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