Friday, December 24, 2010

Friend Friday - Dec. 24

Christmas Eve!!  When you read this, I will be at my in-law's family farm for my first Christmas with that side of the family.  Anxiety!!!
Friend Friday Questions - Don't forget to see Katy's blog!!

1. Your favorite holiday memory:

Ironic that this is the question on the first Christmas that we're throwing all tradition out of the window.  I think my answer to this has changed over the years, and definitely over the last month, but it's a combination of going to church on Christmas Eve and then driving the long way home to look at Christmas lights.
2. Were you ever a victim of those family Christmas party photo shoots? What do you think about them now? Care to share an old photo?

Like family pictures at Christmas?  I totally am making my family do one when we get together the day after tomorrow!  New son/brother-in-law and a new baby within a year requires a new picture!!
3. Best Christmas gift you ever gave:

I can't remember how old I was, but I wrote and illustrated (note: I can't draw) a family history book for my grandparents
4. Craziest/funniest holiday family tradition:

We would stage plays.  Some werent' good.  Most weren't good!  One of them resulted in me getting in trouble for saying something my sister and older cousin had taught me.  Tsk tsk.
5. Favorite type of Christmas cookie:

I just spent a couple days baking!  I love store bought gingerbread men, though!!

Have a merry Christmas / Happy Holiday!!


  1. I enjoyed your answers! Thanks for sharing! I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas! And I can certainly sympathize with the anxiety of time with new family on the holidays! :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Cara! I hope you are surviving your inlaws. ;)


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