Friday, December 10, 2010

Friend Friday - My lovely readers

Don't forget to check out all the Friend Friday gang at Katy's blog!

1. How important do you think reader connectedness is to the success of your blog?

I started this half hoping no one would ever read it, but let's be honest: it's the internet.  Now that I have readers (other than my mom and my sister: Hi Mom and Deb!!), I definitely want to keep you here!

2. What do you do to draw readers in and create that writer-reader bond?

I've read some blog which ultimately suggest NOT sharing any information about your life.  While I agree, this isn't a forum for personal information which probably shouldn't be online, the blogs I look forward to reading everyday always have details about the person and not just their clothing.  I try to do the same thing here.  I can flip through a magazine to get clothing inspiration, for me blogging is more about community. 

3. What is one way you could improve this connection?
I used to love the idea of a sponsorships and giveaways, but I'm not convinced it creates new genuine connections.  It's great positive reinforcement for regular followers, but I'd be interested to see some stats on whether the increase in traffic and followers is maintained after the giveaway. 

I would love if my couple dozen followers were more open to commenting, and joining the conversation that way, but I'm still happy there are a couple dozen of you out there!!

4. Is there a blogger you think does a great job creating that writer- reader bond? Why?
Sheila, Hillary and Melissa all do a great job in my opinion. They all have a good mix of fashion and life, and  acknowledge their commenters in some form.  They also all make an effort to have genuine comments on other people's blogs, rather than simply doing the "Nice outfit" with a three line footer redirecting everyone to their blog.  I really also love Hillary's invitational question at the end.  Not only does she encourage people to comment, she usually has a cute anecdote as her answer to get the conversation rolling, even if it's about what's for lunch. (Today, I'm thinking grilled cheese)

5. What do you do to cultivate new readers? How do you get them to your site in the first place?
This reminds me of question from a couple weeks ago, so if I say the same thing, forgive me.  If I say something contradictory, it's because I'm not awake yet.  Downfall of my life: my inability to drink coffee. Anyway, I like to think I get them here by building relationships with their blogs, frequently through commenting.  I do also try to join challenges and the like.  


  1. don't drink coffee? Oh this makes me sad. Coffee is a GIFT from GOD.

    Grilled cheese makes up for it though. Also a perfect food. I had it for dinner last night! :)

    I think you do a GREAT job of making connections by being so real in your dialogue and commenting so positively all the time. You're awesome! :)

    {PS - thanks for mentioning me!}

  2. I have one coffee a day to get me revved up. I love grilled cheese (both closed and fried and open face with tuna/mayo and grilled in the oven). Mmmmmm...

    I like these questions - and if I haven't told you, I do really appreciate your comments. :) Thank you! And thanks also for the shout-out. If you don't mind, since I don't do Friend Friday (I just don't have the time), I'd like to comment/answer the questions here.

    1. I agree that it's important to be connected with your readers. I always acknowledge a new commenter, click through and read their profile and check out their blog if they have one (and leave a comment if I like it).

    2. I also like bloggers who share a bit of their lives - it makes me feel like I know them and makes me care about them, not just what they're wearing.

    3. I'm not sure. I don't really have the time to visit all blogs all the time (I try to limit my online time). I'll be doing my Major Awards this Jan 1st again! I think you might be in for one, Cara. :)

    4. I really like when a blogger comes over to my blog to answer a question I've asked them on theirs. Again, I don't have time to check back and see if someone replied to my comments (although I always respond to all comments left on my blog), because I don't want emails giving me updates.

    5. I love when I get new readers, but I'm not aggressive about getting them - I don't seek them out. I am kind of proud that nearly all of my readers have found me from the comments I leave on other blogs (sometimes from being featured by link on a blog, like you've done). I feel like I have a lovely quality bunch.

    That was fun - thank you for indulging me. :)

    Again, you're an awesome reader, Cara.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your answers to these! And I know I'm shocked everyday that ANYONE reads my blog! When I started it, I had no idea what would happen actually! I have really come to enjoy the community of style blogs! Although I think for myself trying to stay anonymous-ish and focusing on the outfits has definitely helped me keep from going down too many rabbit holes that would chase readers away! And I'm still fascinated by all the giveaways bloggers do! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your answers! :)


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