Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Grumps

I shouldn't have left the blogging so late in the day.  I got up, got dressed and went grocery shopping.  Five hours later, I took a shower and got dressed for reals... as shameful as it sounds, especially to those Stacy and Clinton fans, I don't dress up for grocery shopping when it is going to be followed by baking and cleaning.  Nice clothes come on after the flour goes away. Not to mention the fact that it's still winter here, and so I really only need to dress half my body for such an excursion into the public world, since I wear a jacket on top.

In any event, after having what was actually a pleasant day, the "it's not quite time for supper but it's too late for a snack" grumpies kicked in, and it hasn't been good.  In fact, seconds after taking the picture, I undid the sweater and threw it on the floor in disgust.

What did I do to the sweater?  This is the lace backed dolman sweater that is oh so comfy but not quite as versatile as I hoped.  There were a few comments on Academichic about styling these, and Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous mentioned making it into a cowl.  I tried doing that, minus the asymmetrical-ness.  I was also hoping to avoid belting. However, without a belt, it just swung around awkwardly, making me feel quite chunky in the tummy.  I took pics, but will most likely wear it loose to trivia tonight. 

Someone asked about these jeans a few days ago... my blood sugar is too low right now to have the attention span and energy to look up who it was, but I bought these on a sale rack at Wearhouse One for about $9.99 in the spring.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend them. They've stretched out something fierce. 


  1. Well, jeez, hon, eat an orange or something! :) No need to let low blood sugar make you all grumpified.

    When you're all bundled up, I agree, it really doesn't matter what you wear to the grocery store. I do my grocery shopping once a week, in my walking stuff (backpack and all) - my husband picks me up on his way home. I look totally awful - in PUBLIC. Hahahah!

  2. Ha! I agree with Sheila. Have an orange. Or some peanut butter crackers! It's never too late for a snack. :)

    I don't think you could ever look chunky in the middle. You might feel like you do, but I can't see it.

    You're gorgeous! Hope your baking went well!

  3. Have a baby; its really good for your body image; I feel super thin now! - Deb

  4. Sorry to hear about the grumps! Although I do agree, flowers are much better on clothing than flour! :) And I should have read this before my post the other day... because I do think going to the grocery store dressed to the nines would be a great thing to do once in my life! (Just once though!! ;) ) I hope you're feeling better now!! :)

  5. i dont dress up for the store, either! especially if cooking and cleaning comes after!


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