Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello?!?!? Is Any Body Out There?

I've been tracking visitors for over 2 years now.  I love the random google searches that sometimes pop up, and I love to get really confused by names of the countries of people visiting my site, because geography is NOT my strong point.

Then there are days like yesterday when I get 118 hits, and 27 visits (hits being the number of individual pages read, hits being individual people reading one or multiple pages).  Stats generally mean a few new people have visited my blog and done a lot of looking back through old posts.

Don't get me wrong: I love that.  It just makes my bloggy senses tingle with anticipation (yes, anticipation and not ignorance of the subtle nuances of my tracking stats): "Who are these people?  What brought them here?  Where are they from? Did they like it? Do they have a blog?"

So while I don't want to single them out, these questions still plague me.  And how many of the usual 20-30 some odd daily visitors do I not know?  So today, I invite all of you - whether you've commented before, or not, whether I follow your blog, or not, whether you stumbled upon here by accident trying to access the very similarly named porn site or whether you follow me through an RSS reader - to drop a note to say a little bit about yourself!!

In other news, the repairs to the laundry area was done as per schedule, and as long as I use cold water, we're still at $1.75 to wash and $1.75 dry.  Phew!! And this dryer actually does dry!!  But it meant a very basic outfit.  I did just throw the scarf on for the pic!!


  1. Hi lady! I'm here! But you already know me. :)

    And um...I don't see a pic in this post (you'd mentioned throwing a scarf on for the pic). I wanna see you!


    I'm just like, a NOTORIOUS lurker. I don't know why, I just am not a big commenter.

  3. I'm here too!! But you know me as well! Haha, some days I think about enabling indexing on my blog. And then, someone posts about their searches or stats, and its debate between morbid curiosity and "no way!" Although for some reason Yahoo has sent some searchers MY way, and the keyword they all used was "2". Yep, just the number 2. I did get a storm of hits about a month ago, and my stats revealed it was a forum post on a chat room for soap operas! (For real!) Oh and thanks for the comment today, you give my thought process on outfits too much credit!! ;) Although I am curious now on how patterns get "gendered" and which gender they get assigned too! Good luck on figuring out the spike in traffic! :)

  4. Another good way of checking your stats is to enable blogger in draft. I'm not sure if they've made the transition to regular blogger or not, but it's got all kinds of information on how people find your blog. People come to mine for a sweater dress picture that got linked in a pool of photos.

  5. Hello hello my dear!

    I've never check my stats as I'm not quite sure what it means anyway! I must admit, I tried to access the porn site with the same name and lucky me, it lead me to you!


  6. another lurker here- not sure you'll get this comment as the post is old. I have a private blog to just keep my outfit photos together and copy the best entries in blogs I regularly read.
    I'm from South America, a small country called Uruguay


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