Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's not that easy wearing green (oh Kermit the Frog, I love you!)

Fully Dressed
Thanks to the four (out of, oh, 38) visitors who commented yesterday. For the rest of you, definitely feel free to drop a comment any time!  Is anyone else having trouble with the blogger stats function?  I use a different tracker as my primary tracker, but I like to compare the results.  I'd planned on wearing this outfit on Tuesday to work, but since Green is the same colour as the provincial football team who had just lost the championship game, I didn't want anyone either throw stuff at me, or misconstrue my wearing of the colour as enduring support for the team.

The last time I wore this outfit, some of you suggested I belted it too high.  I've stripped down the outfit to explain why I tend to do that with this dress.  In the "Fully Dressed" picture, I've belted it lower, without adjusting the dress.  There seems to be some puckering above the belt, but maybe I'm just too critical. 

In the Semi-Dressed picture, I've belted as I normally would.  I pull the dress down and belt where the elastic (designed to be worn under the bust).  The downfall is that I love the look just after I do it, but everything wriggles around as the day progresses.  I think that's what caused the "high belting" last time. 

In the Undressed picture is the dress as designed.  Unfortunately, I don't have the chest to fill it out, and so I always feel saggy-boobed in it.  

So thoughts?


  1. Great post title! :) And I see what you mean about the belting. I do think in the pictures that I like the belt lower... I definitely love the wider belt too! Actually, it looks like the seams under the bust hit at an angle? Maybe that's what is causing you to think it "puckers"? I've found that the red belt I'm wearing in my post today helps with that because at the "buckle" it gets wider, and so when I wear it with a dress with seams like that it seems to work better? I dunno. Great outfit, both versions are cute! Sorry for the "novel"! :)

  2. I think it looks alright in today's outfit. The wider belt looks better overall. I think it's just the seaming on those type of dresses can make things look off. All that said - I really really love that color on you.

  3. I like the semi-dressed version. I think it looks quite cute that way.

  4. I love the colour of this dress! It reminds me of a spring day, which is reassuring when it is snowy and cold!


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