Saturday, December 4, 2010

More shopping

I headed out today to help a friend with some of her Christmas shopping as well as returning a pair of shoes I bought last week.

Yes, I know, we aren't supposed to shop as part of the challenge but here is my two-prong defense.

1. I knew I needed/wanted new shoes to wear with a dress an upcoming Christmas party, which I was planning on purchasing after the challenge was done.  However, our Christmas party moved up right to the end of the challenge, foiling my perfect plan

2.  Even though I returned them, I am willing to admit that it was not in the spirit of the challenge (especially since I did find an alternate pair of shoes that I already owned when this pair didn't work out), and so I am penalizing myself one item of clothing.  I am now doing the 29 for 30 challenge! 

It bothers me getting ready to go shopping when you know that you'll keep your jacket on all day.  My jacket is cute and all, but sometimes I yell at the sales associates: "I promise you!  I look totally pulled together under this!".

So today, I didn't really engage my brain getting dressed. 


  1. Well, Christmas parties seem like a reasonable exception to the rules to me! (And I understand frustrations at having to hide behind clothes... I started a blog to share my taste in fashion with others!) Your outfit is really cute though! I love the scarf! And it looks really comfortable too! :)

  2. I totally agree that Christmas parties should be an exception. I love this scarf you're wearing today! You should wear that to a Christmas party because it's so purdy.

  3. good luck on the now 29/30 challenge! you're gonna be fine, I'm sure:)

  4. You penalized yourself? Too funny! I'm sure you will rock your 29 for 30!
    The Auspicious Life

  5. It's okay to not engage one's brain when casual dressing.

    I haven't even showered today! *gasp*

  6. Those jeans look great on you, where are they from?!


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