Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seeking input

So I've been trying to make an effort to make personal matters private, but it seems that they usually end up cropping up on this blog: case in point, my sister having a baby filled me with so much excitement, I spent a lot of time talking about not talking about it. 

Matters such as my grandmother's recent illness, and subsequent passing, I decided not only refrain from mentioning it, but I should also refrain from blogging for a while.  I've been spending a lot of time at my parents' house, mostly baking and keeping busy.  It's been fascinating coming up with outfits each day that are different, but I haven't had the energy or motivation to blog.  Most of them aren't interesting on their own merit, just within the context of my limited clothing here.  The ones that are interesting, I'll be most likely to wear again.

But I've found myself in a conundrum, one that I don't want to bother my mother with, though she would usually be the first person I'd ask.  The day of the shoe purchase, I was out buying an "in case of emergency" funeral outfit, not having expected to need one.  While I was less then pleased with it, and it seemed a little scattered in my head, it definitely feels as though it's come together.  However, I have two issues with the outfit:

 - Purple/Red shoes at a funeral? Really?
 - Isn't it a touch casual?  Especially the skirt?  (last worn here)

 My fiancĂ© is set to arrive tomorrow with my back up outfit (well, a blazer, black dress pants and a different pair of shoes, but the shirt remains the same), so as long as the weather cooperates, I do have an other option.   What are your thoughts??

PS - I'm fairly excited about the idea of tomorrow's outfit, so I'll have to see if I find the time / energy / right after I've applied makeup but before I've cried it off opportunity to take pictures, but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't hear from me until the new year.


  1. Honey I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been there this year when I unexpectedly lost my grandfather. You want to separate it but at the same time having a fashion blog is so personal that it becomes hard. I think you'd look lovely and appropriate and not casual. Hugs to you

  2. I'm sorry for your family's loss. I can certainly understand trying to keep a blog/personal life separation. I think both outfits you've described are both respectful and cute. Funerals are such a complicated event though, and people will have opinions about clothes no matter what. I dunno, anyway... I am very sorry for your loss, and wish you and your family the best in this time.

  3. Oh, hon, so sorry to hear about your grandma - as you know, I went through this in August myself. *hug*

    As for the outfit, I hope you wore the red shoes, especially if your grandmother was a fan of red, or had an outgoing, fun personality. I remember when my grandad died, my mom wore yellow, pink and bright blue - it was so bright! People looked, but my grandad was a dapper man who loved bright colours, and that was my mom's way of paying respect to him: to wear something he would have loved. I wore blue shoes to my grandma's funeral this past summer.

    I know it can be weird sharing personal stuff on the blog, but that's why I like the blogs I do - I feel like I connect with those women (and men) beyond just what they're wearing.

  4. That a person attends a funeral I believe shows respect for the person. Your ensemble is suitably subdued & is something I would wear to celebrate the life of a loved one. Wear it with love for your grandmother, she would be proud of you.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. You never think it's going to happen even though we all get older... Sad. I think your outfit is appropriate and gentle. Just like everyone has said above the funeral is a tribute to our loved ones life and these outfits do just that while still being subtle. Take care of you...


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