Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ZOMG! A Post!

I left "Home A" a Friday or two ago, and in the next 11ish days I spent about 28 hours or 2300ish km driving.  To put it in perspective, that's like driving from the Canada-US border to the US-Mexico border.  I don't want to complain (too much), since a) it was almost about 750km longer and b) I'm very glad I was 1) away that long and 2) ventured out on the roads that much, as every trip was important.  Christmas didn't quite meet my expectations, but really, considering the circumstances, was quite good. Time with family, regardless of what brings you together, cannot be taken for granted.

I will wish that the roads were better.  I think every trip with the exception of the trip back today contained some white knuckle portions that made me very glad that I shared the driving responsibilities for the various trips with my father and brother-in-law. 

In any event, I hope to, over the next few days

1.  Do a closet overhaul
2.  Think about Event Specific Wardrobe Staples (for women... and maybe men)
3.  Look back on the last year
4. Spend my Christmas money

I'll probably hold off on regular outfit posts until the new year, but each of the above "to dos" seem to have a blog post or two within them. 


  1. good luck on your to-do list - and happy (early) new year! :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing how you spend your Christmas money! What do you have in mind to get? - Katy

  3. (Ugh, I'm finally trying to get caught up!) Yay for all the safe travels though!! And wow... that's a crazy amount of traveling! Good luck with all your plans too! :)


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