Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Investment

I've been skipping out on blogging to maintain my sanity, and to prevent my poor fiance from forgetting I have a face, considering the majority of my day I spend glued to a computer screen. 

Having relegated the hours of roughly 10:00-12:00 every evening to him, we've done a fair bit of chatting.  The other day, as he pulled me away from trying to catch up on the 89 unread blog posts, he attempted to take an interest in my hobby: "so are there any good blogs on mens fashion?"

So I put it to all of you... any recommended reads for the man in my life?

(I do fear that for every fashion blog I send him, he will send me a comic blog... eek!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Is this casual enough for you?

Sunday morning I woke up with a stomach flu and that knocked me out for most of the week (yes, I'm a very sickly girl... I need to remember to eat more vegetables), so I didn't get a chance to do the capsule wardrobe roundup.  I think my only comment is that I wish it would have been warmer so I could have experimented more with tights, rather than being relegated to jeans. 

A couple Fridays ago, when I was at work, I overheard a coworker comment: "Should we tell her Fridays are casual?" and I smiled to myself, knowing very much I had the opportunity to wear jeans, and yet chose an outfit of jeans, an embroidered tee, and a blazer*.  I did, however, decide that this week would be a good time to scale it back a bit, since I'd been forced to wear my "fat jeans" all week, so as to keep the waist band as far as possible from adding any additional pain to my stomach. 

However, there was no comment today on what I was wearing.  It got me thinking:  people generally only comment on what we wear when it's different than the expectation.  For example, if I worked, let's say, at Tuesday at the office, and wore a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt and a sweater, with some heels, no comment would be made.  If I wore the same outfit to a class, someone would inevitably comment. 

Perhaps I'm thinking about this because yesterday, a friend walked past my office at school and I thought: "she looks really good today," and the thought had slipped my mind before I had a chance to tell her.  With that in mind, I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to comment more on people who look particularly nice (even if what they are wearing is exactly what one would expect them to).

*no pics - I'm still sickly looking!

Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF... I guess

It's finally Friday.  I don't know why I feel a sense of relief every Friday - it's not like I have a schedule that dictates I actually get weekends, and in fact, this weekend is busier than most with a conference and very quick trip back home, not to mention a research proposal due on Tuesday. 

Today is probably the outfit that pushed me the farthest... which is kind of hilarious, since I didn't get a chance to see myself in a full length mirror before shopping on my coffee break, and my first thought was "that looks so boring!".  Despite believing myself to be a safe, humdrum dresser, I suppose I had an unconscious addiction to colour!  However, the point of the outfit was to play with the "Is it Navy?  Is it Black?" question that has been plaguing me all week.  Not being one to mix black and navy, I decided to heed the advice of Kasmira:  mixing black and navy can be done, but it must look intentional. 

I'm wearing the skirt from Monday, the shirt from Monday, and Thursday, the shoes from Monday, and the belt from Monday and Wednesday.  While it doesn't a) stand out or b) really make all that much sense with the outfit, I'm wearing my Grandmother's cookoo clock necklace becuase, well, I love it.  I've hit my 10 clothing items and my 5 accessories for the week! 

Hopefully I'll have time to do a rundown of the whole thing tomorrow, however, I don't even know when I'll have time to take a picture and post it for today!

(Oh, and todays tights are navy, even if they don't look like it in the picture)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Case of the Missing Accessories

I love how people are starting to pick up that my outfits are lacking accessories.  In all honesty, there are three reasons for this, and they were all true at various points of the week.

When blurose first commented, my initial thought was: "Ya, include a necklace, and lose a pair of shoes... ha!"... until I realized that Jane has organized shoes under "Clothing" and not "Accessories" (which definitely complicated my planning for a little bit).

Secondly, I don't frequently do that much accessorizing during a normal week, mainly because I don't have that many accessories.  I do want to expand this selection, but every time I hit a store, I think "Why am I paying all this money for this when I could just make it myself"... which of course, I never do.

And finally, I always forget that that red shirt is as low cut as it is.  It's difficult to wear a necklace with the striped top because of the neckline being so high, and having the details it does.  Since it's only one outfit where I clearly needed a necklace (I will agree, it definitely needed something), I decided not to fret about it too much - I had barely enough creativity to come up with the clothing portion!

My accessories thus far have been
 - my school bag (which I chose to include, because I do have it on me at all times, and I did choose this bag over a traditional backpack for most of the week, oddly, the exception being today... though I am carrying huge text books.  I'm not counting the backpack since I"m leaving it in my office all day, and not carrying it around like I tend to do with the other bag).
 - a wide black belt
 - a narrow black belt (though that wasn't really a dominant piece - I bet you can't find it in any of the pictures!  It was necessary, though - the skinny jeans do frequently attempt to fall down!)
 - a black scarf (which technically could count towards the "winter bonus" items, but since I wear it as a shawl during my work in my cold cold office, I felt I had to count it.

That places me at 4 accessories, with one more day to go, and admittedly, that's the one that counts, since I'll be attending my first academic conference.  Since I'm oddly nervous about the Friday portion (despite the fact I don't present until Saturday), I'll most likely grab a necklace or brooch from my grandma to wear so I'll have a small token to remind me of the people who always support me!

But don't worry!  I'll definitely looking at how to make accessories, and how to make them work for me, especially over the summer when I have more time to flex my creative fingers.

As for today's outfit, I will admit, I feel slightly costume-y in it.  My fiancĂ©'s friends, when I first met them, were excessively anti-emo, so now whenever I've got the skinny jeans, the ked-knock-offs, and some stripey layering, I am acutely aware that I definitely took some fashion cues from the high school emo boys I used to teach, and that Scott's friends would mock.  However, I love the layering of stripes, and the comfort of sneakers, so I laugh off the mockery I hear in my head, and remember how, despite their strong opinions, we do really miss them, since we moved.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A blustery cold day

I decided last night that I'd better try on my planned outfit for today just in case it didn't work.  I wasn't too concerned, since I had a back up plan.  However, I failed to think of the weight of the fabric as well as the fit when I tried to recreate this look.  In other words, my flannel plaid shirt failed.  I felt all smug as I went about assembling my "back up" outfit, but again my plans were foiled - how could I be missing my favourite black tank top?  Yes, I have about 5, but the others don't have the versitility that this one did.  Rather than fretting about it all night, I resolved to do better in the morning.

Of course, this morning I'm just about to throw on the clothes that came to me in my sleep when I look out the window, and decided it might be an idea to check out the weather.  Indeed - despite having forecasted highs above 0 all week, it was uber-windy this morning, and about -15.  Suddenly that "one jacket" that Jane allowed us cold-climate people wasn't seeming warm enough.  I'd been wearing a leather jacket that, in all honesty, is only really warm to about -3, though I tend to stretch it to about -9.  I had no choice but to reach for my winter jacket.  While it does break the rules, I am considering it a trade off for a hat / toque that was offered and I haven't yet worn.  Of course, it might have been a good idea to wear one since the hoar frost that has been making the prairies seem so mystical is now flying off tree branches with some force, inevitably hitting me in the ear, the eye, and every where that I should know better than to leave uncovered.  Oh, Canadian Prairies... why must you always disappoint!

Given the cold weather, I decided to wear the plaid shirt with jeans, and add my warm boots to the mix.  THe hoar frost is the only form of percipitation that is falling, and it certainly doesn't warrant the need for boots, but my office for the morning is notoriously under heated and I take great comfort in keeping my feet warm.  Sometimes too warm, but none the less, it is much better than the alternative.

However, my total is now at 9 pieces.  If the weather keeps toying with me, I'm not entirely sure what I will do, considering Friday is the "Difficult Day", with work, then a student academic conference followed by a pizza party.

PS - my face is red mostly from the wind... (and not the post-lecture beer)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second Verse, Same as the First!

This morning, I didn't feel like being any more creative than I had on Sunday night, so again, we have "this is what I want to wear, I'll figure out how it all works later".  All right, that's not entirely true.  When I had worn my striped shirt yesterday I again debated whether it was black or navy, and thus decided it was both, and would wear it both ways this week.  Of course, the only way to wear it as navy would be to pair it with navy, which narrowed down options to basically this cardigan, or another dress which would be entirely too fancy for my week. However, now I'm stuck in this weird position of knowing what I'm wearing on top, but not wanting to pair it with either today or yesterdays bottom, and not being any where near my closet to figure out what will work with it.  I wish there was something with the comfort and warmth of pants but that isn't pants.  However, I've gone through and quickly itemized what I'll be wearing for most days, so hopefully now I'll be more prepared tomorrow!

I am now at 7 pieces after adding
- navy cardigan
- red wrap shirt
- skinny jeans
- red sneakers (which I'm not actually wearing properly in the picture)

Monday, March 1, 2010

You mean today is day one?

It's day one of the Capsule Wardrobe, and I'll admit, I'm inadequately prepared. I had feared that I would be adequately prepared for this and inadequately prepared for my school day, but alas, I seemed to have shirked both responsibilities.  I tried to drum up some ideas last night that were focusing on the red articles of clothing that I own and have difficulty wearing, however, doing a challenge with clothes that are a challenge is, well, challenging.  (Wow, I wish I could drink coffee so I could actually be awake enough to write something not quite so redudant).

However, I had a brain wave this morning that I think will move me along swimmingly.  I got dressed as if it was any other day, and now I'll base my week around this outfit.  It's got some good bones to it - a classic black skirt which can be easily dressed up and down (oh, did I mention that I have an academic conference at the end of the week which made trying to plan a capsule wardrobe a little more difficult), a striped shirt perfect for layering, and some very basic shoes make up my first three articles of clothing.  My belt is my only accessory thus far.  I'm undecided if I'm counting my school bag - it's more of a necessity than an accessory, and if I've learnt anything from living with Scott, it's that if there is a gray area in a rule, feel free to exploit it for all it's worth!

And on the theme of rule exploitation, I am so glad that hosiery is not counted, not just because it's an excellent way to add colour to an outfit, but also because I had a run in with some dirt!