Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Suit

It's very tempting to cover up the windows today and run around in my birthday suit.  For one, it's my birthday, so it seems fitting, but also because I'm thinking my hives are laundry detergent related, so giving my skin a chance to breathe chemical free would probably do some good.

However, it's also probably a very bad idea.  For one, we're expecting contractors to come by and seal our window which as developed a nasty leak now that we're experiencing nicer weather.  Also, it's my birthday, so I feel like I should go out somewhere to celebrate.

I still am adjusting to NOT being around family for my birthday.  Since it was pretty impossible (my mom goes back to work today, my dad has only been back for a couple days, and I can't quite wish a 7 hour trip on the parents of a new baby... though I might remind them that the plane ride is only an hour), I decided I should at least wear the present my mom and I shopped for when she was out earlier in the week.  Admittedly, my mom beat me to this trend (and I was tempted to just get the exact same boots as her), but I now have my own riding boots!  I'm so used to wearing heels that my feet feel like flippers in these (They may be a touch big at a size six, but most definitely not in the range of flipper feet!!), so my brain needs adjusting. 

My original plan was to skirt up for my birthday and wear the fabulous tights my friend Erica bought me for Christmas, but my plans include hitting up an antique warehouse (and convincing Scott to buy me a locket there) and going to a movie:  two places notorious for their cold temperatures.  Pants became a must.  (I might try to work the tights into my birthday party outfit on Saturday, instead.)

 And if you're doing pants and riding boots, a jacket is a must, right?


  1. Cute boots! Happy birthday~ Hope it's a good one.

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! And those are FABULOUS riding boots!! Very cute! I love your whole outfit!! I hope you guys had a lot of fun on your birthday! :)


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