Sunday, January 30, 2011

Channeling my sister?

This really feels like an outfit my sister would put together, and I'm not entirely sure whether it's the the items or the patterns that make me think that.  Either way, it's definitely from the less hippie side of the closet...
This is another item I picked up when we were out thrifting last Thursday ($5.99).  I was looking for something yellow to pair with the green I have in my closet à la Sheila, and while this won't work with the items I was hoping, I do quite enjoy it.  I love the reverse Peter Pan collar.  The pattern is a little surprising for me: usually I have to be able to label what it is (flowers, dots, animal print), and this time, I can't do that.  Scott said to me as we were waiting for church to start this morning: "I like it because it's tigers from far away and flowers up close".  It's also from H&M so I'm guessing between this shirt and Friday's dress there is a good chance both items are new since there seemed to be enough H&M items around to make me think that the company dropped off its extraneous items (this tends to happen). Works out well for me:  there is no H&M in this province!

I can't wait to style this with a black pencil skirt and maybe a blazer (brown? grey?) for a job interview. 


  1. I'd call it an 'abstract floral'. It's very cute. Love your jeans.

  2. Gray blazer, go with a gray blazer!

    You look awesome! I agree with Megan, abstract floral seems to be appropriate.

  3. The print is lovely and springy and exactly what is needed when the weather goes back to freezing!

  4. Grey blazer!

    Great top - and what a nice detail on the collar!

  5. i say black blazer=) love this shirt! good find!

  6. I LOVE that top! The pattern is too cute, and the colors are great! Awesome find! And I love your idea for an interview outfit with this top! Oh, I really like the silhouette of those jeans too! :)


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