Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm in a bit of a shtuck. 

My in-laws gave me a gift certificate for Le Chateau.  The issue?  I just can't bring myself to get anything in my price range, because the quality is so cheap.  If I find something of quality that I'm willing to supplement, it's never in my size.  (I did also find a dress that is just slightly too small on me, and I nearly cried)

So the question becomes this:

Do I keep the gift card and hope for the best in the spring lines?

Do I buy the dress and keep my fingers crossed that I can work my way into it?

Do I blow it on accessories? 


  1. ewww tough one! You'll find something..try and wait~ Paula

  2. I suggest waiting for spring, no reason to buy something that doesn't work for you. And if come spring, you still don't find anything - blow it on accessories THEN.

  3. Wait! Something will come along when you need it!

  4. I say wait or accessories because poor quality clothing blows.

  5. Accessories! Le Chateau has some great costume jewelry. Also, don't be too quick to dismiss their clothes - they do sometimes have some great individual pieces. They also sometimes have good shoes. If you search on "Le Chateau" on my blog, you can see I have a ton of stuff from them.

  6. As someone who waited all of like two days to go through their Christmas money... don't listen to me for advice on this one!! But this is a tough one though! I definitely have come to be a firm believer in buying stuff that fits "all the time", but if your weight naturally fluctuates a lot... I can see some buying something that will fit "sometimes". And as for crying when something is nearly in your size... you definitely have my sympathy. (I tend to be one size up from where a lot of brands end...). Good luck with the gift card! :)


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