Monday, January 17, 2011

Dancing to the beat of my own drummer

A number of people commented and questioned my organization system after my Friday Friday post about planning outfits.  I figured this would be a good opportunity to show you one of the systems I used to use, at the height of my outfit planning.  I no longer use this system, because I don't quite have the same: "must get up and get out the door" rush that I used to have, so I do have a bit more lee-way.  I did put in this week's clothing plan, but as you'll notice, some days aren't filled in completely, some have no details, and I may not actually wear any of this.  However, it's a good guide line.

The organization of the column could use a bit of tweaking, but that's mostly because I've evolved the spreadsheet with use.  It used to be the "Note" section was for detailing what additional clothes I'd have to bring with me on days when I was going to work, school, then to Scott's in the evening, and thus what size bag I'd need.  The weather is probably a smart edition, but it's amusing how quickly that all changes up here.

And of course, to show you the transition from plan to practice, here is today's outfit!!

 I feel like a ballerina in this outfit, and I think it's becuase the tunic flares out like a skirt.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to work the tanktop/vest, but I'm actually quite happy with it.  It's a little bulky under the belt, since it's folded multiple times, but I think overall, the line is clean! Yes, I am aware the shirt is really green and navy, not black, but let's say that makes it a less expected colour combination!!!


  1. I love this outfit on you! You look fabulous and that green/teal color looks amazing on you.

  2. wow, I am insanely OCD but even that makes me look normal (heh heh heh, in the nicest way of course). That is some SERIOUS outfit planning! It's so crazy how different people can be in sorting out their lives...from the smallest details to the biggest ones.

    And while I don't ever think I could plan outfits that way, I have to imagine it would definitely save a lot of time in the morning when I'm standing inside my closet, staring at clothes and wondering what to wear.

    All that said....your chart definitely translates to real life. This outfit is super cute - I especially love the touch of the short vest couple with the belt!

  3. Whoo.... I'm impressed and exhausted with your planner. I imagine it might take away some of that "Ahhh 10 minutes late" feeling. I like the shorty vest. Very cool.

  4. Wow, your spreadsheet intimidates me! :-P

    I love the outfit - very 80s-inspired.

  5. Quite an outfit planner! Wow. I sketch some of mine for the week...
    Love your ballet pose and such a cute way to put stuff together~Paula

  6. What a beautiful pose! And your spreadsheet is crazy! And awesome.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  7. I love this! So creative and you look GREAT!

  8. Seeing a spreadsheet like that makes me want to plan. I like spreadsheets and I don't currently plan.

  9. Super cute!! Hehe, yay for feeling like a ballerina too! Great pose! I'm impressed with your organization too... I usually just stare at the closet for 20-30 minutes... (or if I'm going out... obsess for weeks planning one outfit... of course, if I went out more often, I would probably not care quite as much about making the outfit "count" for something special. :) ).


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