Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't let the wind blow you away

Wow, it was a crazy day, weather-wise.  It was -40 (no windchill) just before I woke up, and as soon as the weather warmed up even the slightest bit, the wind picked up as well, keeping the temperature on my poor little skin right around that -40 mark.  And of course, while my day could easily be adapted to remain inside, Scott insisted we venture across the city for dinner with some of his co-workers. 

The dinner was subpar, and there was a lot of inside jokes and stories I just didn't.  However, it was a nice change. 

Since it was killer cold, I once again had to opt to NOT wear the new brown boots, but I'm so tired of my brown winter boots I couldn't stand to take pictures of them.  It'd been a while since I wore this sweater/jacket combination in almost two years, and since it's a combination I love, I decided to go for it.  I'm wearing wool socks to help keep me warm too!  Instead of reaching for a necklace, I did something uncharacteristic, I went with a bracelet and earrings.  Oooh, look at me going wild!

And despite the layers, the wool and the boots, it was still hella cold!! Tomorrow is supposed to be just below the freezing mark (unseasonably warm), so I'm looking forward to deviating from the chart and maybe bringing out a dress or skirt to celebrate!  Of course, tomorrow will be interesting: a friend of Scott will be in town.  I've never been in a social situation with him that wasn't with at least a couple dozen other people around, so I'm a bit apprehensive as to what we'll end up doing.  Fortunately, I do have a meeting that afternoon, where the chairing prof will be purchasing the libations, so I'm sure I'll be a little less on edge after that! 


  1. Gorgeous color combo, love the bangle. Sometimes it's fun to go for the unexpected with the 'favorites'.

    Hope you're staying warm! I find it hilarious that people up North (above the Mason Dixon line) think temps below 32, but above zero are skirt-weather! I think if I saw below anything, I'd go hibernate.

  2. I loooooove a belted jacket! You look awesome, I'm sorry you were freezing though!

    Hope you have fun with your plans! :)

  3. Holy moly, that's cold!

    Love this outfit, right down to the stripey socks! The accessories are perfect!

  4. It was brutal! I climbed right into my warm bed! Good thing you've figured out how to stay warm-ish while lookin' good too!

  5. I love your outfit!! Super cute! Okay... -40? Ugh... I just don't even know what to say... I think I've experienced zero Fahrenheit... once... seriously? Wow... I'm so sorry... Um... how do people keep functioning up there?


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