Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeling Challenged

I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed with the number of challenges going around, and my desire to participate in all of them.  At once. Right now.  Needless to say, that won't work.  While I will be participating in 4, I thought I'd do a run down of them for anyone out there who is interested. Undoubtedly there are more, so if you know of any, I'll try to update this list (at least for the time being: after this week is over, I'm not going to keep adding the new ones once the old ones are done! I'm not that much of a bibliophile!)

Kendi is once again doing a 30 for 30. I did enjoy this exercise in November/December, as her "fall edition", but will be taking a pass at her "winter edition," given that I'm in a more northernly climate, and while everyone else was doing "fall", I was ahead of the game in the midst of "winter".  However, it is a great way to take another look at your wardrobe, so I definitely encourage you to check it out here:

This one is a little short notice for me to tell you, but Linda and Liz have a great joint project in Everybody, Everywhere.  Essentially, they choose an article of clothing generally found in most wardrobes, and on one particular day, encourage bloggers to not only style said piece in their own individual way and submit it to their site.  Tomorrow, they are featuring breton stripes (though rumour has it any stripe will do!!).  I hope to remember to do this tomorrow when my bleery brain wakes up with the alarm!  More information is available here

Cynthia at Be Fabulous Daily is also doing a February Black out!  Not only trying to escape the notion of "Black is Slimming" but also trying to avoid "Black is comfort", she will try to go without the colour black for a month.  As I don't really find I gravitate to black for any conscious reasons, and think I'm doing all right getting colour into my wardrobe, I'll be taking a pass on this one, but can't wait to see how other people are doing colour. More information available here

Those of you who remember Jane through her various incarnations of blogs were likely as thrilled as I was when she popped back into the internet radar screen and announced one more of her Capsule Wardrobe Challenges.  While I can't be certain, I'm pretty sure Jane's challenge is one of the first out there, at least that I came across, and I'm so excited for it (and her) to be back!  It's much similar to the 30 for 30 in premise, but shorter, also limiting the number of accessories.  She's holding it the 14th-18th of February.  Information can be found here

ML at 20 York Street also put out a call for a different kind of challenge.  One that she hasn't yet told us what it is.  Not wanting to miss out on too many challenges, I've decided to sign up.  Eeek! Umm... I can't say "information" per se, but read about it here!

And finally, I mentioned somewhat jokingly a challenge I'm issuing to myself in a tweet so check it out!

I just want to take a moment to thank all these wonderful ladies for putting together challenges.  While it may not seem like a lot of work, coordinating links, answering questions, and thoughtfully visiting many of the participants blogs can easily morph into a full time job! 


  1. So many challenges! I have a few planned for spring, but winter challenges seem so difficult for some reason. Goodluck with the challenges you decide to participate in!

  2. The number of challenges is crazy right now! I'm doing the 30x30 again, but I have the opposite problem as you. It's the 'winter' challenge, but everyday right now is 75. (yes, feel free to hate me for that). But I won't be remixing very wintry clothes because I would die from heat exhaustion. I hope you pick doing one you enjoy!

  3. What a great summary of the various challenges going on in the blogging community!

    Shipping from Modcloth has been OK. My last order was fast - about a week. They're pretty good about putting all the costs upfront. Also there's a coupon code that you can use which takes $10 off your order if your order is more than $100. I can't remember what the code is right now, but if you hit the "Live Support" button and ask, they will give it to you.

    Oh and here's the link to what I wrote about online shopping:

  4. I definitely understand... I'm avoiding challenges at the moment because just posting to my own blog and reading everyone else's blogs is posing a big enough challenge... :)


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